Hello - beginner here and now


Nice to learn about Cardano with very kind people here. I worked as a software developer/tester. Now a language coach in Chinese and health coach. I read about Cardano/Ada today, like it, believe it, and happy to join the movement now. Hope you help me to start optimally. Many thanks!

  1. Is it too late to join the reward program in Testnet? If not, what shall I do?
  2. Where to buy ADA?
  3. Daedalus wallet or Yoroi wallet?
  4. Wait for staking pool?
  5. Next step?

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Hello @hellotanran and welcome to our community!

to your questions :

yes its to late now. the testnet will end somewhen this month.

depends where you live. there are several exchanges where you can buy ada.

both wallets are secure. Daedalus is a full node wallet where you download the whole blockchain, where yoroi is a light-node wallet and also have ledger support. (ledger support for daedalus will come soon)

what do you mean with that?

wait for shelley on mainnet and stake to strengthen the network! :+1:

if you have any futher questions, feel free to ask.


Welcome Ran (@hellotanran) great to see you here


Thank you very much för quick and nice answer! @Zyroxa My question 4 is also answered by question 5.

Thanks Jay! @Trigger

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Welcome thanks for posting!

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Thanks Fred! @Donnybaseball

Hello again,
I began to download Daedelus Mainnet (1.1.0 #12849) on Windows yesterday evening. Efter 3 hours it was still “The balance and transaction history of this wallet is 27% synced with the blockchain”. The pc was on during the night, but it seemed not process the downloading, as this morning it was “The balance … 29,72% …”. Now it’s 32%. I under if something wrong with my download? How long time does it normally take? Shall I stop the download? What happens if I stop the download? Thanks!

well yeah that seems unusual but imo as it goes on i wouldnt stop it. nothing would happen if you stop the download, but give it some time. depends on your hardware that proces can take some time.

Thanks for help! Have a nice day.

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it might also relate to your network speed / connection, sometimes it helps to restart the node. if you click on one of the icons at the bottom, it should bring up an option to restart on the right side. or alternatively https://iohk.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011536933

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Thanks for help! @misteraxyz My pc is not new and it might be network connection. It took first 3 hours for 29% and stopped during the night, then 1 hour for the rest 71% to complete. The info on iohk.zendesk is good and useful. Thanks! Have a nice day.

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