Hello from Brisbane Australia

Hello Cardano world!

I live in sunny Brisbane, on the east coast of Australia, and I am interested blockchain. Recently I have been using the Brave browser, and really enjoying it! I would like to learn more about using Yoroi in Brave. Anyone else interested in this?

Looking forward to talking with other members of this forum.


Welcome to the forum @bitbox1138 :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community bitbox1138!


Welcome aboard Bitbox

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Hi from the Gold Coast. Nice to see more locals aboard.


Cheers mate, Welcome.

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Thanks for the welcome. Will be great to chat over the coming months

Thanks for the warm welcome!



Hello! Cardano blockchain and the Great South-East!

Hello and Welcome to the Cardano Community! Great having you on board this ship :slight_smile:

Hi what is the “brave browser”

G’day from North West Brissie. Good to know there are other Cardano fans locally.

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Hi Dave, thanks for the message. Been a while since I logged into the forum. Yes, Cardano fans all over the world - including Brisbane Australia!!

What aspects of Cardano have you been looking to this year?

Hi Scott,
I’m into it all things Cardano. Hodling a bit personally and through my superannuation.
Would be interested in setting up a stake pool just for my own holdings but it is all a bit techy. Maybe I’ll get there with a bit more study.
Also love the idea of utilising Marlowe and the whole smart contract thing for a few ideas I have.

Hi Dave, great to get your reply. Yes so many things happening in Cardano. There is a lot happening on the stake pool front, and I too was thinking about setting up a pool, but I think as Goguen rolls out the need for a high end PC and an high traffic broadband connection makes me think again. If you choose to stake your own tokens you could set up your oen pool, but I think you’d get higher rewards if you stake with a pool will 200M or so ADA staked, putting yours in with other people’s tokens. I don’t believe there is any advantage to running your own pool, in fact it may increase your risk due to the need to pledge and manage private keys online. I would like to learn more about it myself.

So many things happening on the Marlowe front too. Myself, I would like to know more about the DC Fund, and seeking more info on that made me log in today to the forum and bump into your post! Glad I did. What part of town are you on? North, East, South or West?