Hello from Philippines, the future blockchain and cryptocurrency capital of the world

Hi guys, nice to be here.


Hey :slightly_smiling_face: nice to have you. Welcome to the Cardano community.

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Welcome to the community, you’ve joined an an interesting and exciting time :clap:t2:

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Hello back to you from Canada! My colleague is from the Philippines, and he is constantly reiterating the same sentiment :slight_smile: now i am a believer haha My humble welcome to this fine Community and top notch forum. All the best!

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Welcome to the frontlines, we are happy you are here :wink:

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Welcome to the community, @elegant_joylin. Great to have you onboard.


Kamusta joylin :slight_smile:

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Uy kamusta kabayan? Masaya akong makasali dito. :smile:

Love your attitude!

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Thanks for the complement. :wink:

Philippines are indeed gathering attendion and momentum. The CEZA is aiming to become the ‘Western’ variant of Crypto Valley, in the East.

For example NEM Foundation’s MOU:

and NOAH Foundation: (Japanese article)

Would be great if Cardano had some sort of representation there as well!

(@IOHK_Jane @IOHK_Laurie @IOHK_Richard @emurgo_io @vantuz-subhuman)


I’m looking forward for future Cardano representatives here. But maybe 1st meetup will do.
To add to the information, the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission have released a draft rules on Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Final approved rules are expected this year or sometime 1Q 2019. All regulators here are working hand-in-hand for its regulation and protection of the investing public.