Help! Computer crashed with Daedalus wallet on it

I tried to use my recovery phrase on another computer but it appears as though the phrase was not “written” down properly and was one word short. Is it possible to recover my account from the hard drive?

Hi There,

Assuming you were using Daedalus Mainnet, you can access your user profile folder (on windows, an example path would be C:\Users%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Daedalus Mainnet) which contains wallets folder. You should be able to replace the existing folder on your new machine with the one that crashed, and be able to access your existing wallet (you’d still need your spending password to access the funds ofcourse).

If you were using a pretty old release (NOT Daedalus Mainnet), it is likely that the folder (and if’s too long ago, you were dependent on secrets.key) wont be usable yet. There is a feature pending release for Daedalus that will allow you to Import Wallet using your existing folder, but there isn’t an ETA available.

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