Help with my misplaced ADA

I think u was scammed, are u sure u performed the transaction?

If u track the money u will see millions of ADA flow to more suspicios addresses

Yes I performed the task .hang on I will get what your asking .

Hi 116879,
This is the real Cardano foundation website.

You can see at the bottom of the webpage that it says @2021 (not 2015 - 2021 as your screenshot shows).
Also, you can click on the “Forum” link and this will bring you to the REAL forum.

The current Cardano’s home page doesn’t mention “Cardano Blockchain Explorer”…
When you search for Cardano Foundation it should show the correct link.
Not sure how or where you got this `other’ link. It looks like a scam link…

Now that ADA price has gone up a lot, there will be even more scams trying to steal our ADA from us. Next time, send a small amount first, like 10 ADA.

You may need to write this one off for tax.

PS. Can anyone find out who owns this “DdzFFzCqrhsx5G…”? Has other people reported problems/loss of ADA to this wallet address?

Hi andreassosilo,
116879 was trying to stake his 1927.777851 ADA to a staking pool.
Since he is a newbie, it’s easy to get confused.

His ADA never has to leave his wallet (Yoroi, Daedalus, etc). Somehow he believed that he had to SEND his Ada to the staking pool. It sounds like what he was trying to do but instead sent his ADA to this Byron era (scam?) wallet.

I have some ADA which I want to stake as well, but Daedalus is hard to use (takes forever to update/synch to the blockchain). My wifi is not strong/stable enough and connection gets broken. I bought a Ledger wallet but it doesn’t support ADA (unless through Yoroi, Daedalus, Adalite).

Does Cardano forum or on Cardano website, have a section to warn people about scams and how to STAKE properly?


Hi @Sydney993 ,

Thanks for informing me. Kindly check article below for scam stuff:

If you use Daedalus, there will be a notification about don’t fall for scam app or any scam.

I don’t know about Cardano website. Everyone needs to do their own research in crypto space before doing anything, it’s getting difficult with lots of scam stuff these days. There are lots of tutorial also in YouTube or blogs. Hope it helps.

Check this official article for staking for beginners:

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the question is, from where did he copied that address?

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@Alexd1985 :

It’s still a mystery. He said he got it from “THE address was from the Cardano Blockchain off the IOHK Supported project” . But it’s not clear where does @116879 find the supported project? :thinking:

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I think it was a coincidence, perhaps he downloaded the fake app daedalus for android?


its from my Yoroi shelley wallet .

i also previously had it stored in a deadalus wallet for some time , while i was waiting for the new Yoroi wallet then i transferred the ADA and tried to look for a pool back on feb 28 -2021 then i dont know what i did wrong , no one has my seed phrase or info . and no one approached me in any way , simply made a error and thats why i am asking for help , thanks for trying let me know if i could provide better info in order to find out more .

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the address that i provided you with is from my Yoroi shelley wallet , it shows my deposit from Binance then my Transaction , at the time i was looking for a pool to delegate , i have a feeling that its still sitting there and not gone .

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there was zero indication that it was a scam , i viewed a lot of info about the possible scams , there was no one who talked to me , no one has access to my invo , i use encrypted software and VPN , i have never shared any info , until now to seek for help and answers , these transactions happened on the Yoroi wallet (shelley) i will try and share more screen shots these will be taken from todays , and the info is from my yoroi wallet

This is the address where it went from my yoroi Shelley wallet on Feb 28 .2021


I think I know what’s going on @116879 & @Alexd1985 . This DdzFFzxxx address is Binance address that they use to send the ADA to your Yoroi wallet (when you did your withdrawal). And somehow you use this address (you think this is a pool address, but it’s not). And you send your ADA back to Binance in the end.

What do you think @Alexd1985 ?

I wrote to IOHK and they where of no help to me . thanks again for your help . I can’t believe i downloaded a legal wallet from yoroi and got scammed on my own will .

Check on binance… do u see the funds there?

@Alexd1985 :

It’s not on @116879 Binance wallet … it’s on Binance wallet that they (the official Binance officer/program) use to send ADA to the user.

For example: you withdraw your ADA … you received your ADA in Yoroi wallet. Then you see the address of the sender. You somehow send back all of the ADA to that sender (in this case Binance official wallet address in the backend server).

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my binance account is very active with different projects , but nothing with ADA :slight_smile:

But, u never used daedalus right?

And the transaction was performed by you?

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