Help with receiving cardano

Hello, I have a Daedalus mainnet 3.3.1 wallet (that i restored from an old wallet), I would like to deposit some Cardano to it. trying to find my wallet address, all tutorials say i need to click on the “receive” tab (next to the send tab) but there is no reactive tab anywhere, please help, how do I get my address and where is my reactive tab?


can you send screenshot of this part of Daedalus?

it should be like that.

if it doesnt work, only for testing reasons, try to install daedalus on pc which never had daedalus.
then if it works there, we will try to find solution to uninstall all previous daedalus programms and its related files, and reinstall it on your main pc

see pic…

See the “Byron” on the top left? That’s your issue, you need a new wallet, Byron era is done.
I dunno all the technical details.

This also means you are not staking that ADA. Stake!

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ok, I understand now was the problem, I think I solved it, thank you all.

Also, what does it mean to stake?

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