Hi, I sent an amount from Hitbtc to Yoroi so i can put it in my cold wallet. It is on 1302 confirmations and 5 hours. Seriously can not understand why it is taking soooo long and it is not even a big amount. Am i doing something wrong? Is it hitbtc or am i misunderstanding that TRANSACTION ASSURANCE LEVEL High. 1665 confirmations, has it gone in and the level of assurance is getting higher. Help would be great. Thanks.

Hi @Ah_BUILDer do you have a transaction ID? Did you check your Yoroi Wallet address?
Check your transaction with the transaction ID (Tx) here on

i followed a youtube video which seemed to work for him. I am connecting it to Nano S ledger and i don’t think you need since its connected to the ledger. I do have a transaction ID. In transactions it says ADA Received but why is the transaction assurance still going and now i dont know if it is on the ledger nano s or only on my pc. Thanks for replying. New to this and trying to figure it out.

I supose you connect your ledger Nano S to Yoroi wallet…

Your Ledger Nano own only your private key wich is very secure because never exposed to internet.
To manage your funds you use Yoroi wallet, receive funds don’t need Ledger Nano, you need it only to send funds because it contains your private key wich is needed to send funds.

Confirmation of your transaction will never stop growing up and it’s normal.

If your balance on yoroi is correct that means you have your ada’s in wallet and don’t need to worry.

you should learn how blockchain works, and what is a wallet, a public key and private key, your wallet (yoroi) is just a software that communicates with the blockchain, your ada’s are in the cardano blockchain.
Ledger Nano S contains only your private key and nothing else…

hope that small explanation helps you a little bit to understand how it works, because you look very new in the crypto space and have no clue on how it works…

I understand to a point how it works as its been 2 weeks since i started buying crypto and figuring out how the wallet works and the ledger. I really appreciate your info as non of my friends are into crypto and not always easy to find clarifications online. So to sum up:-

  1. the Yoroi wallet can receive funds without needing to connect my nano to pc. I will only need to connect nano to pc when i want to send funds because it has my private key that will authorise the transaction. Right?
  2. if my pc somehow dies- i can download the yoroi on another pc and then i connect the nano ledger again my funds will be there again?
    Thanks again.

yes, all what you saying is right :slight_smile:

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