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Ciao sono Federico appena iscritto in cardano sto cercando di capire di piu di questo token. Da poco tempo ho scoperto le crypto valute. Il mio Inglese è abbastanza buono, ma il linguaggio tecnico generale in questo “nuovo mondo” a volte lo rende difficile da comprendere appieno. Questo per me è il limite piu grande dell’universo crypto. Dovrebbe essere spiegato in tutte le lingue e non solo in alcune su tutti i tokens e coins. Ne faciliterebbe la diffusione. Detto questo Cardano mi attira parecchio anche se sono solo all’inizio nel comprenderlo con tutte le sue possibili evoluzioni future.


Ciao @fedfed :slight_smile:


Ciao jonmoss


Hi Federico,
My Italian is not great but if you have questions I’ll do my best to answer. I’m trying to become better at explaining cryptos so that would be very cool!


Ciao Federico, benvenuto in questo forum! :slight_smile:


Ciao ragazzi, hi to everyone


hi matnisstrovia, i have maybe a stupid question :slight_smile: , but why we can buy ADA only in BTC?


Well when trading a currency, like ADA, for another currency like BTC, you need an exchange, like BITTREX.
The exchange does nothing else then bringing together supply of coins together with the demand of coins.

Cardano only made a few deals with few platforms right now. BITTREX, Mr. Ripple and recently since like yesterday, Coinrail(korean exchange).

Why are they not making more deals? Maybe the want to keep the coin small right now, maybe they are low one time and they need someone to make the deals(I volunteer BTW) . Maybe an other reason entirely.
Who knows, only the people from Cardano do.

Hope this helps! Plz tell me if it didn’t, then i explain again.


matnisstrovia perfectly clear tx


Ciao @fedfed, welcome to Cardano :cardano:


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@matnisstrovia hi i registered my self on MR. Ripple becouse it’s possible to buy ADA/ETH, and send in just 0,2 ETH to see how it works. Well i can’t send out my eth and i didn’t found ADA token inside. It’s that possible? tx


Buona Fortuna!!!


Ciao Federico,
anche io sto studiando questa piattaforma che ha delle grandi potenzialita.
Dato che conosco piuttosto bene l’inglese, sto traducendo parte della documentazione in Italiano. Escludendo i whitepaper academici, se mi indichi a quale parte sei piu interessato ti faccio avere la traduzione.


Ciao @Angelo grazie, quiello che mi interessa capire bene è la white paper ma non so se l’hai gia tradotta!! Io l’inglese lo leggo ma me ne perdo per strada almeno 1/3…purtroppo!!..scusa Angelo avevo letto veloce e ti ho messo quello che tu hai escluso :)!!! vorrei se fosse possibile capire la particolarità che differenzia ADA da Btc ed Eth e come intende competere con loro!!


@Master-Lee Buona fortuna con Mr Rpple intendi Joseph? E’ una scam?


I don’t really know how Mr.Ripple works, but your supossed to bid on one ada for an amount of Etherium. Then you determine an amount of ada’s you would like to buy, and if someone offers ada’s for that amount. You buy them automatically. This is how it works in exchanges i know about, but maybe Mr.Ripple works differently. I dont know.

Let me know if helps :slight_smile:


@matnisstrovia Mr. Ripple works realy bad it appears very close to be a scam.Coinmarketcap show that u can buy ADA/ETH but isn’t thrue. Inside theyr axchange u can’t trade ADA becouse they aren’t listed. And now i can’t transfer out my ETH. Fortunatly was only a try to see how it worked becouse i transered only 0.2 ETH but enough to be disappointed!!!


That stinks! 0.2 ETH is a lot of money.
From out here, it’s hard to figure out whats going on.
I can only suggest to use BITTREX and use BTC as middle currency.
I imagine using Mr.Ripple being hard because it is Japanese.

Maybe other people have more experience with Mr.Ripple, maybe they will tell us in the future.
Hope you get you ETH back somehow


Tx Cardano Team…Binance ADA/ETH i’m finally in happy to be here!!!