Hi, I'm DC from LA California, I would like to help with translation

I’m DC, a software engineer living in California.

I would like to help with the translation to French of the documentation.

I have briefly looked at the Github, and could not find any translation in another language than english.
The translation to chinese found on this page doesn’t seem to be in Github either.

Please, let me know how I can help regarding that matter.



Salut DC, I asked the CF a while ago to do exactly that and they said they will get back to us when they’re ready to translate the docs to other languages. Let’s keep in touch so we can coordinate on this!

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Hi Pierre,
Where did you ask? Was it on the forum?

P.s: Let me know if you see the request for this feature pop up somewhere.

It was in a private discussion here on the forum with someone from the Cardano Foundation. Will keep you in the loop if/when I see something!

Thanks Pierre.