Hi this is Andrew

Briefly - I’ve just moved over from Bitcoin to ADA due to a few reasons:

  1. Staking
  2. Lower environmental cost
  3. More use scenarios/functionality
  4. No centralisation of mining
  5. Higher possible ROI
  6. Easier to avoid effects of state regulation
  7. More possible social benefits

I was pretty much all in on BC, but the more I thought about it the more the doubts grew.

Glad to be in for the long journey and see where ADA ends up. I always invest money that I can afford to lose - so yeah it’s going to be interesting and I feel I’m getting an education as well.



So are you planning to run a pool yourself or delegating?

Definitely delegating at first. I’m still very much in the learning phase. Thx


Welcome Andrew! Always great to see new people interested in Cardano. A great community which I hope you discover. If you need anything let me know :blush:


Great to have you and thanks for posting!

Very much looking forward to see what happens in the next 6 months and beyond myself.

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Welcome Andrew (@AndrewMe) great to see you here

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Welcome @AndrewMe

You can still like BTC and ADA. ADA is just one of a several projects that I think are interesting.

Here’s the projects I’m most interested in rank order:

  1. ADA
  2. BTC
  3. BAT
  4. BNB
  5. ETH
  6. XLM
  7. ALGO
  8. XTZ
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I’ve been interested in learning more about Chia. The guy who created Bit Torrent is behind it.

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Welcome aboard

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Very intelligent move you did. Welcome!

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I agree, but I am split 60/40 BTC/ADA right now. Later I will move more into ADA. I love Cardano, but I can’t seem to sell all my BTC. Somehow I have become attached to it. Anyone with any sense would probably be 100% ADA.

Gonna say, I also hold some ETH and some DASH. DASH is an old thing I bought many years ago and its another one I can’t seem to let go of for sentimental reasons.