[HOLY] high-availability Pool introduction

Dear community,

Today I am pleased to introduce our stake pool [HOLY] to you.
For all of you who like it short and to give you a small overview, I made the following “Infosheet”.
which provides some basic information.

The plan
With this pool we hope to contribute to the decentralization of Cardano and to be able to contribute our expertise to the operation and maintenance of the pool.
We have already been running our stake pool for a few days to see if everything is going as planned - and now we feel ready to introduce it.

The server and the financing
It runs on a VM on our physical server with “Ubuntu 19.04 LTS Server” in fault-tolerant mode and is thus kept in sync with another server every second. Although we only use server hardware designed for continuous operation, we can even survive the rare case of hardware failure without problems.
With our fees of 4% we only try to cover the running costs for the server, the website and the coffee that is urgently needed to maintain the server.
There is, of course, no fixed fee, so we want to guarantee that we are all in the same boat and work for the success of the pool.

Who are “we”?
Our team has more than 25 years of experience with fault-tolerant Windows and Linux/Unix systems. When we first talked about the project, everyone was immediately hooked. We brought our expertise to the project and created a highly available, fault-tolerant stake pool.

That’s it for now, if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask here or visit us in our Telegram Group

Ticker: [HOLY]
Name: Holy - 1
ID: 15d5c10a0d287be7ac3945c8a92a27b4d8420ce7e800be046f4947af46982a31
Fee: 4%

Telegram: @HaukeHOLYpools
Telegram: Group
Website: holypools.rocks

We are aware that the stake is still very low - our pledge will be much bigger in the mainnet .
So we haven’t had a chance to get a block yet - but are willing to show that we can generate it successfully if we get the slot assigned.

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How many coins do you have to put in minimum?

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What’s the significance of the name, do you have a religious affiliation?

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There is no minimum to put in :slight_smile:

First - no, it has nothing to do with our religious affiliation.
The name came from our servers, which are up all the time,
just like angels that are holy.

Further, as you can image with 1000 stake pools it wasn‘t to easy to find a name thats not already taken

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On the 4th June 2020, our ITN staking pool got its first slot assigned and created the block successfully - thus we could see our pool in action for the first time and that it can create blocks.

We want to thank our stakers, and as they say - the first one is the hardest, we hope to get more slots assigned from now on. (main- and testnet)