How active must i be as a Ada owner?

How active do I have to be? I bought Ada to save them for a long time. At least for seven to ten years. Of course, I want to take part in a staking pool. But how active must I be? Do I have to watch my Ada every year, every month, every week, or maybe even every day? I absolutely do not want this to be a full-time occupation. I do not own very much of Ada, but my hope is that I should have some excitement to surrender to my children for some years. Can there be any automatic function that moves my Ada to the currently best staking pool, without me risking it to loosing all of them?

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When delegating to a stake pool you can expect rewards every 5 days. I recommend checking this at least every 10 days in the beginning because it is likely that there are pools that play with parameters a lot or even decide to shut down their pool if it is not sustainable for them.

It’s important to understand that delegating to a pool does not move your ada. They never leave your wallet and there is no risk to lose your ada at all.

Dig into a few more details on staking with this video:


I can’t await to see the final conditions for staking on your website… By the way - nice design - very attractive and clear. In the moment one of my favourites to stake my ADA :+1:

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I ditto that

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