How do I add value to this platform?

I am new to the crypto space and I don’t know a thing about IT, however, I believe in the vision of Cardano and would very much like to contribute to this growing community.

Buy and stake. Youtube. Cardano chain is extremely slow right now tho, a big disappointment.

Actually not, great to see the blockchain is in use.
For scalability, hydra will come… Search for it, to learn more… :wink:

What is not great is to see that a simple NFT project like Baby Alien is enough to completely blackout Daedalus wallet, making everyone move on to Yoroi, and then Yoroi breaking down too due to high flow of use.

The blockchain is in use, but it’s quality is poopoo.
Searching and learning won’t make Hydra come faster (should be here already in a long time) - Cardano is a big letdown this year.