How do I remove hao123 virus from my pc? And is my Ada at risk?

Hello there, today i launched microsoft edge and noticed that the homepage was set to this website called hao123 I never use microsoft edge so I’m not sure how and when this happened. I have malware bytes premium and AVG pro, and both did not detect this unwanted program, and no threats detected. Hao123 also does not appear under programs in the control panel. I am worried that my PC has been comprised and my Ada will be taken. At the moment I still have Ada in daedalus and balance is normal. How do I remove this program? And should I transfer ada to the paper wallet just in case? I’m worried that this program has been laying dormant in my PC for a while with daedalus installed… thanks guys.

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People get paranoid about this. The crypto related risk from any random malware is very low. There’s no reason to believe this one does any kind of spying. Google will give you removal instructions.

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The hao123 does not appear to be so much as a virus, but more like malware/adware. Here is the link if you trust it

The link explains how to remove hao123.

If you are concerned still, the what I would do is run an update to the latest anti-virus database, then run a deep scan off all files including encrypted files. Creating a paper wallet is always a safe bet though, but may be not necessary.


Just buy a mac lol j/k :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face: