How does emission work?

How much ADA are exists in the world now? Developers are the owners of first printed value? How much was been sold now?
Anyone knows how ADA will be print in future?

I found several answers here
Basically, creators don’t know what kind of product they create))

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Hey pistol,

What makes you think creators don’t know what kind of product they create?

This should be under beginner not developers

Heard the word iteration?

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My estimate of readiness of product - 15% and after reading documentation and roadmap I not understand how it will be work in future, all key elements are in “research”)
On homepage they say “Cardano is a decentralised public blockchain and cryptocurrency project”, but now we have only wallet with central consensus server)) It’s not “research first”, its “money first”.

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For me I see the future of Cardano as one of the innovators in the blockchain world, with a leading technical advantages from their research, but also allowing the blockchain world to progress, potentially into mass adoption.

You say you don’t understand how this will work in the future. There is a big difference between you not understanding it and the creators not understanding it.

Furthermore, I think your comment about a lot of their publication being research is key to the issue you have with the project. I understand you might prefer to invest your time and effort in a project in it’s late development cycles rather than it’s early cycles.

But don’t forget that all this research is available to you, and you not understanding how this will work in the future isn’t the creators fault. They have actually publicly published everything, all you need in order to entirely understand it is there :slight_smile:

And yeah, this should be moved out of the developers board.