How long have yall been in crypto? Stop worrying

I ask because it seems there is an uneasy feeling among many posters here in regards to the last few months with the price decline. This is completely normal in the crypto-world. ADA went through a massive pump. That wasn’t organic growth. Now no one gives a shit about it now, hype is gone. That’s fine, it doesn’t really even have a product yet… We don’t need massive (or really any) marketing at this point.

Give it another year for that stuff. I’m confident we’ll be 10x where we are this time next year.
And 10x gains over a year will be better for Cardano than 50x gains over 3 weeks.



Everything @ThePatient stated.

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Well said, sir!

I have watched crypto for a very long time, and I believe that Cardano is following the similar path of other coins that have been overly hyped in the past and have seen some pumped up prices, I concur with @ThePatient

It was excitement and FOMO at work that pushed it to it’s ATH, and am I glad that it was pumped, I might not have read in depth into what was going on when I did, glad to be a part of the growth now and the only thing that has me worried is that Cardano will not spread out to more user’s with the trend it is in, I think the distribution is done best by the pumper’s but organic growth is much more healthy for the network and all the work being put into it.
I have no plans to set aside what I would like to do on the platform, as soon as Shelly comes out the new investor’s will be in good shape.

I think it just takes time for a coin to spread out to many users. Most people (myself included) didn’t even know about it until just a few months ago. And I mean, Monero, DASH (which started out as darkcoin, remember those days?) and countless others took years to build up their following.