How long is wallet restoration supposed to take? 13 hours and counting for me

Once i entered my private phrase and the name of my wallet, i have been in a never ending loading circle for 13 hours…how long is this supposed to take?

Is that after typing in the restoration phrase? I imagine it can take that long with slow CPU and/or storage. For reference, using an SSD and an older Intel i5 CPU it takes about 2-3 hours.

I noticed that on Windows 10 the built-in antivirus by default slows down the restoration process significantly (by 50-70%). You can check in the Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc) if the Antimalware Service Executable maintains high CPU usage while restoring, at the expense of the cardano-node.exe process. I disabled Real-Time Protection completely, which fixed this problem. You can also try adding an antivirus exception instead for cardano-launcher.exe, cardano-node.exe and Daedalus.exe.


thanks. My wallet restoration was successful. Just had to be a bit patient…took 18 hours total.


Good advise, after 5hrs I managed only 26% so after applying the recommended exclusion in Windows Defender within an hour I picked-up another 20%. A key distinction was to exclude the 3 files as processes not just excluded files which then dropped the Antimalware process way down into the mud freeing-up cardano-node.exe to do it’s thing. Thanks!