How long pool name and ticker can show on

Yesterday, I have build two node including relay and producer, but I can not see name, ticker or other show on the adapool website, so I dig into this, do some research, I found out my metadata should be fixed. I add “extended” field that is pool-config json file and my metadata can click extended url to link to pool-config json file, I check every thing is ok, now I make registration certificate file, include new metadata hash value to sign, and submit to block chain. I have not seen any change for my pool name and ticker. Anyone can give me some suggestion? or how long to wait for this update success?

my pool id: ed8b9c25260584007c5453650cbad28c163c0c9d01b880f30655c396
my origin metadata:
“name”: “PandaPool”,
“description”: “The Panda pool will make you stake more and more.”,
“ticker”: “Panda”,
“homepage”: “
“extended”: “

my adapool org result:

I refer to this url extended url format


I see ur pool details are available on adapools


Hi, Alexd, happy see you again, but my pool name and ticker not show completely, it show n/a, I don’t know what’s going on here?

Where more exactly u don’t see these infos?
Hmm there is another PANDA pool … I think u will need to change ur ticker


And share ur metadata url

I check pool id by this url
my pool url

Name n/a
Ticker n/a
Website n/a

but my metadata contain these:
“name”: “PandaPool”,
“description”: “The Panda pool will make you stake more and more.”,
“ticker”: “Panda”,
“homepage”: “”
“extended”: “”

OK, maybe ticker should be unique value. I try to change again. thank you for your reply.

Nope; please share ur metadata url

This is my metadata file

Ok, ur issue is that ur domain has not a SSL certificat for https :wink:

wow, I thought it’s not compulsive using http, now I got it. I try it again.

Hello, @Alexd1985 , I have attached all url with ssl (https) from metadata json file. How long generally will I see normal pool name and ticker?

Ok, but I still see the “error” not secured when I click on ur url… did u instaled a valid ssl ceritifcate for ur domain?

If not try to upload the metadata on github

ok, I check again, I forgot to system restart, now it’s https.


I check two places.
place one is registration certificate command line:
–metadata-url xxx inclue ssl.
–metadata-hash also hash include ssl.

place two is “extended” field

Ok, now change the ticker and/or pool name and register again

I change pool name from PandaPool to PandaADA and change ticker from PANDA to TOY.

I register again. this tx id here

Does this change to take affect immediately on website?

On already updated… wait few minutes for adapools

Oh my gosh! I pretty appreciate you. Thanks a lot to help me check for updating.

Now it’s ok on adapools also