How many blocks will my pool make next epoch? An analysis

Hey everyone!

Mainnet Epoch 1 is upon us, and that means the stake snapshot has been taken for the first epoch in which stake pools produce blocks (and thus staking rewards) - Epoch 2. We worked through the math based on the snapshot numbers to determine what size a pool needs to be in order to expect to get selected for 1, 2, 5, 10, etc slots the next epoch. To read the full analysis, check out our post.

tl;dr - A pool must have at least 2.81 million ADA staked in order to expect to get drawn for 1 slot in Epoch 2. This does not mean pools with less than this amount will not get a slot - it just means they’ll need a little luck on their side :slight_smile:

PS: Incentivized testnet (ITN) rewards are now available as well! In order to stake your rewards, you’ll need to restore your ITN wallet. We have a short walkthrough here.