How many blocks will my pool make next epoch? Updated analysis for Shelley Epoch 3

Hey everyone!

Pool block production was pushed out an epoch and will not begin until Epoch 3 on 8/13. The stake snapshot for Epoch 3 occurred at the beginning of Epoch 2 (yesterday, 8/8). This means your Epoch 3 rewards will be based on the ADA you had delegated at the time of the snapshot.

We updated our analysis to determine what size a pool needs to be in order to expect to get selected for 1, 2, 5, 10, etc slots the next epoch. The total staked ADA increased by 68% since the Epoch 1 snapshot, which means pools must be even bigger to expect to make a block next epoch. To read the updated full analysis, check out our post.

tl;dr - A pool must have at least 4.72 million ADA staked in order to expect to get drawn for 1 slot in Epoch 3. This does not mean pools with less than this amount will not get a slot - it just means they’ll need a little luck on their side :slight_smile:

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