How much ADA to Retire?

Firstly I was trying to decide where to post this: Random or Trading? But someone mentioned this would be good for people just getting into Crypto and starting to buy ADA, so the beginners’ category it is.

While on Telegram, in the Cardano UK Channel (Had to get that in there), the common question was asked;

Is 300k ADA enough to stake and retire?”

Now granted, we all buy into Cryptocurrency speculating that one day it will give a good return on the investment made. Some, including myself got into Crypto with zero knowledge or understanding, buying small amounts of various currencies, with no idea what each one stood for. All in the hope that just maybe the next ‘Alt Season’ (like the Bitcoin Boom) will, if not make me rich, at least give a good return, always saying to myself ‘High Risk, High Return’.

Eventually I began to research the companies and projects behind the Currencies I was holding and found myself quickly reducing my portfolio, until I came across one: Cardano (ADA)

I am not writing this to explain what caught my eye and why I am now an ambassador for the Cardano Foundation, however evidently I kept and ultimately increased my ADA holdings.

BUT, How much should we hold, what amount is enough to stake and retire?

It’s important to remember that buying ADA in the belief that Cardano is guaranteed to make you rich is in my opinion a huge mistake. Nothing is guaranteed, there are so many variables which will determine how Cardano and ultimately ADA will do.

300k ADA could be worth £300k, £500k, £1m, but at the other end 300k ADA could be worth £10k, £5k, £4k, £1k.

The saying ‘Don’t spend more than you can afford to lose’ - most take it as only spend pocket money or disposable income that you can live without on an asset. We all know it is not that simple and we do buy more than just with disposable income. But there is a limit, at what point do we break that limit?

If your investment went to £0, could you still live in the same position you are now? Not everyone, but the majority of people in Crypto will have a job, pay bills, a mortgage and even possibly support a family.

Keeping the amount spent on Cryptocurrency to ourselves isn’t always an issue, but does the amount invested / speculated keep you up at night, are you taking money which was meant for bills, food or planned holidays / leisure time. (Remember we work to live, we don’t live to work – You are buying ADA to improve your life financially, so why risk more money than you can afford, giving you a worse life financially?).

So the question, can someone retire on 300k ADA? I think at this stage the first question should be, Can I continue living without my 300k ADA, if I lost it all?

The reason I believe this question needs to be answered first is because if someone said

“No, 300k ADA isn’t enough to retire on. You need at least 500k ADA if not closer to a million or more”

Where does it stop? Why are they right, do they know the future of ADA and your individual circumstance etc.

The fact is they don’t, but would you continue buying more and more anyway, finding yourself taking money that was meant for something else?

Are you going to believe someone you don’t know over your own thoughts and feelings from your own research, have you done any research ?

It’s easy to get carried away or addicted when buying Crypto Currency, or any asset. You will see people talking about the potential value of ADA, but no one really knows. Please do your own research into the project, don’t just blindly listen to other community members or ‘youtube’.

If you want to support the Cardano Blockchain, feel there is a potential of a return then please buy ADA, I obviously want you to as the larger the adoption the better for everyone.

Be comfortable with your holdings and remember: IF you buy ADA now ($0.045) and it reached $1 or more, then the amount you invested will have never been enough.

But, IF Cardano doesn’t succeed in the world, for whatever reason and ADA was worthless or maintained a lower value; you will have always spent too much.

Is 300k ADA enough to stake and retire? 1ADA is enough to stake, only time will tell if 300k ADA is enough to retire on.


Fact is that there are no facts. It’s all speculation. There is no wiser advice than Don’t spend more than you can afford to lose’. And it is the only possible advice.


After Etherium 2.0 noone will even mention Ada , it will have destiny of xem. I am saying this to reference this post again in the future , not to start a fight.

Wait a second… you created a post saying no one will talk about ADA after Eth 2.0 so you can talk about ADA after Eth 2.0?


Very well put. Thank you!

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who said I will talk about Ada ?
Historical reference in forum is left for you guys :smiley:


Either way, my post covers both scenarios, losing your money or making some, so your post is void I would say. :thinking:

… but … are you sure anybody will even mention Etherium 2.0 when ADA 3.0 is launched? I am saying this to reference this post again in the distant future :joy:


I’m figuring 500,000, just to be sure.

Retired by 2021


Dependent where you live and what your wants are. In Africa 50 000 ADA @ $2 can be enough for some to retire handsomely. For others 200 000 ADA @ $2 will be more than enough. I’m just waiting for my last buy order to complete my personal goal. I will retire by helping others. As for the Ethereum chirp, their is more than enough place in the sun for King Cardano and his ADA to share with Queen Ethereum. Warm greetings from Africa.


People base that question on the future. I’m not saying or guaranteeing that Cardano will succeed, but it is definitely pointless looking at value now, it has very little meaning.

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I’d say 500,000 but that’s simply a guess and who knows how high ADA price will go a few years down the road. I dream of having 1,000,000. Imagine you did and ADA went to $50 or over more?

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:grinning::heart_eyes: I’m dreaming with you…I don’t have such an amount of ADA, but when you see the forecasts/predictions some brokers have, i hope the price will rice to above € 5 within 5 years. No, I cannot retire on that moment, but will have a little bit more space in the things i can do.

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at the moment we have 4 cents and no Shelley mainnet yet :crazy_face:


3.7 cents at this moment but they will never take my dreams!


I see you joined less than 24 hours ago and have not made one positive comment. It is ok to not agree with everything but you are contributing nothing and just being adversarial. Why exactly are you here?


Hey, I will ask the question again. Why are you here? Did you just join the forum to complain?

Not going to get in a fight. Enjoy yourself here, maybe you will learn a few things.


@Khicu when you log in for the first time you need to post in the introduce your self section etc. That attitude will give you your first like. Holding thumbs for you. Good luck. By the way i do share in away one or two of your concerns partly, but you need to discuss and have meaningful dialogue for proper intro-action.

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I haven’t spent a lot of time researching Ethereum 2.0, but the latest info I have seen is that although 2.0 will address Ethereum’s scalability it doesn’t offer any solutions for interoperability, governance or a community driven approach (staking rewards). Additionally, Ethereum 2.0 is still a minimum of 2 years away by Vitalik’s own admission. Anyone who knows the first thing about software development knows that more than likely means 3 years or more. Although Ethereum has an extremely large developer community there won’t be any mass adoption for true utility uses until 2.0 is released.

What this means for the futures of Ethereum or Cardano is yet to be seen. However, I would rather roll the dice with a platform and community that was scientifically designed and built for the long term from the ground up on a crypto that is near it’s all time low. Ethereum was a great alpha study on programmability, but now they appear to be trying to retrofit a partial solution for scalability while ignoring interoperability and governance. The only adoption that Ethereum ever had was for the ICO and trading communities. Ethereum’s true utility adoption is a very long roadmap away from reality.

Using RISK vs. REWARD or INVESTMENT vs. RATE OF RETURN as my over simplified investment metrics, I’m going to ride or die with Cardano over Ethereum.