How to build an empathy machine?

After watching Charles Blue Skies and Social Media talk …

This got me thinking about how Cardano can be used to build empathy, which is really one small step for man, one giant leap for solving the ‘human nature’ problem. In my opinion the majority of all the greed, hate, selfishness we see in society is a result of, not just human nature, but of misaligned incentives of our economic and political systems. If we can shift the incentives towards empathy, we can create a more empathetic society. The systems we build condition our ‘human nature’

I’d love to see some of the brilliant researchers at IOHK work with the Cardano Foundation to put out some more research material exploring this concept of building an empathy machine. The concept is just a seed in my mind, and I’m hoping the community can help me brainstorm and organize this idea into something a little more concise and coherent (if anyone has any clue about what i’m getting it)… How can we quickly bridge the gap in peoples minds between cardano and empathy?

A better explanation than what I can provide may also help bring people into the cardano ecosystem as a ‘marketing’ effort… investing in an empathy building machine for the future.

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