How to find the right partners and How to protect your Idea from theft?

Hello every one.
I am opening this subject hoping to attract: idea creators,developers, entrepreneurs,investors,cryticts,advisors…with the purpose of creating a topic which is to become a must read for every one who is looking for a point of beginning.
This topic should provide useful and practical information structured as a guidance represented by people with knowledge and experience regardless of its depth.
There is a major holdback in idea development and that is trust.

How do I as a idea creator expose my idea to a potential collaborator or partner or investor ect. without a doubt for potential theft ?

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I am no expert and I am not giving legal advice, but I believe a Non-Disclosure Agreement might be in the right direction.


Hey True2me4you ,

You have made the perfect opening , thank you.
Hopefully others may enter a story from experience, now that would be very nice :)))

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Just my little suggestion. In IT world, instead of focusing on protecting your idea from being stolen. My suggestion is to focus more on building and dominate the market.

No matter what, definitely there is someone steal your idea and make it better.
It sounds cruel but it is real fact. :grinning:

Welcome to IT world. :facepunch:


I am certain that there are mistakes that the first timers can skip by learning from people who have already dealt with such dilemmas, such as your self :slight_smile: but where do we begin ? what was the first and second thing, what about the third thing, what would you do differently if you go back ?

I would recommend reviewing Kyle Mitchell’s site,

There are several forms available there and it’s a rich source of information. As a creator, you will have to invest a little time and diligence while looking for the right fit.

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thank you for the source, I am already looking into it!