I am not an engineer or software developer but I embrace all that is blockchain. The two main programs I believe that have the best roadmap and network building for the future is Cardano and Polkadot.

How can I find help or the right people (tech/devs) to help me with a proposal to completely disrupt and improve one (maybe more) current and long-standing industry that definitely has been in need of changing for decades? An industry that continues to rely and based on centralized, powers-that-be monopoly rather than giving the rightful power and decision making to the people?

I have the idea and the “business/organizational” plan but I need help with the tech framework in making it happen.

Any direction or suggestions would be appreciated!

In my opinion, the internet is filled with a ton of people, including myself, with amazing ideas that could change the world. The difference between the people who actually make those things happen and the ones that don’t, is taking the time to research and find out what it would take to make your idea happen. And in that search, you will find answers that show you what you want to do isn’t as easy as you may think. there may be many hurdles you come across, but if you want it bad enough, you’ll find the answers to how you can manifest it.

Maybe start out by telling people what you’re trying to do? Maybe start learning the technologies that are available to build your idea and if you don’t understand it, search for the people who do and see if they can guide you in the right direction. However, just posting a vague post on the internet about having a great idea may get you some vague answers but i wish you the best of luck. If you respond with what you’re trying to do maybe I can at least give you my thoughts on where you can begin looking for the help you need.

It’s tough! that’s the exact PAIN I was feeling in 2010. So I set out to disrupt it… I started working on a solution idea called the OPEN STARTUP/Foundups built on Open !nnovation Framework O!F that would use the bitcoin protocol, and in late 2011 frustrated I could not excite people about it. I was even blocked and kicked off Angellist… I looked elsewhere… the Bitcoin folks…so I reached out to the founders of Bitcoin Magazine, who went on to launch the very thing needed for OPEN STARTUPS/Foundups to happen the O!F “blockchain.” Today I did a 1hr talk on your pain and the solution. if you want to talk about your idea I’m discord.