How to i can import Cardano private key from infinito wallet to DAEDALUS

Dear all!
I used Cardano on infinito wallet, I lost my Seed of Infinito wallet but i still have private key from infinito, How to i can import it to DAEDALUS on my PC!

Let me go and see, have not used ifinito yet but will for the sake of this thread.


it is almost sure that there is no way you can import the (very likely somehow encrypted) private key from infinito into Deadalus. You need to import it in infinito again.

Hello. You can’t. Infinito seeds and infinito private keys can be restored only in Infinito. I would suggest trying to contact their support and clarify if you can restore an Infinito wallet from just a private key. Then you will be able to open your wallet and optionally send coins to Daedalus.

So I created a infinito wallet, recorded my passprhase and password, and deposited some ada, I found the ada private key but have not found a way to use it in my Daedalus, I suggest you contact infinito
and explain your situation.
Sorry I could not be of more help.

Hello, it is pity that you did not backup your 12 word passphrase.

At the moment, Infinito Wallet does not support import private keys. But dont worry, the incoming release 2.0 in couple days will support import private keys for all coins supported by Infinito. Include ADA.

Hold on and wait a bit more. It will be fine.

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I only backup private keys because at that times, i only store ADA coin in Infinito wallet!