How to join the dev community slack

We heard a number of you weren’t quite sure how to access the dev community slack so please use this link and you’ll receive an invitation: Developer Digest.



Signing up to the Developer Digest didn’t result in a Slack Invite for me :frowning: is there another way to join the Slack channel?

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Please DM me your email addy so i can check.

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Hi could you add me as well? I am not able to DM you - probably due to my recent sign up.

Hi I want to join slack for cardano dev
Could I get in there???
I tried to send DM to you But I have no idea haha

Same problem here.

I didn’t receive any Slack invitation after confirming my subscription.

Didn’t manage to send a DM, probably because it’s a new account.

I didn’t receive a slack invite. Could you please send me an invite as well?

Same boat, I signed up March 18, received an email from IOHK saying I should join the slack and should be receiving an invite shortly… but never received the invite.

Here’s a direct link to the Slack

CC @hmsimha @thefintechj @norman @jung_han @william