How to partecipate at the Shelley Test Net

i would like to know if it is possible to partecipate at the staking process in the Shelley Test Net,having buying ADA after November 2019, or i should wait until the Shelley Test Net phase will complete?


hey @roby65

Sadly its not possible to participate at the ITN if you didnt have your ADA in your deadalus or yoroi wallet at the 29th nov 2019.

Anyway the ITN wont run for much longer and soon we’ll be able to stake on the mainnet.

Hey Zyroxa

preciate your quick reply

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Hi Zyroxa, what do you mean when you say that we can bet soon?
Could you explain that to me? Please.

I still wanted to enter the ITN. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Hello @FREYAccs

right now its not possible to participate in the ITN. But anyway staking on the mainnet will be possible at the end of july.

Hi Zyroxa
Could you kindly lanswer the following points pls.

  1. For staking on the mainnet (in July/Aug) do I use the same wallet as the ATN?
  2. If yes. Can I uninstall the ATN wallet and Reward wallet from my system?

sorry typo I meant the ITN just finished

better make a new topic for a new question in the future :slight_smile:

With Daedalus and Yoroi you will be able to stake on the mainnet.

If you have the seed for your reward wallet from the ITN you could uninstall the ITN wallet yes. But id wait until you claimed all your rewards on the mainnet.

Many thanks

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