Hello, so I hold ADA however I hold it on a exchange. I did not move it into a deadalus or yoroi wallet for the testnet so now I cannot stake.

Is my ADA still of value? Will I be able to add my ADA to the staking pools at a later date?


Yes, your Ada still has value and yes you can stake it on mainnet once staking goes live on mainnet.

However, you are correct that you missed your chance to stake your Ada on the Incentibized TestNet.

Thanks for clarifying erikd, when does the main net go live?

Do you mean: “When Shelley ?”

CH said in November 2017: "Shelley on Q1 2018"
So maybe Q1 2021 IMHO.

Most probably Q2-3 IMO.

Lets make a friendly bet here. I bet 10 ADA that it will be 2021. (it must be fully functional/stable Shelley Main Net Version) not the shoe cake version. The real SHELLEY.

OK but make it 1000, payable by me to you on 1 Jan 2021 if Shelley mainnet is not fully up and running at that time.

If it comes online before then, you will have lost the bet and immediately owe me 1k ADA.



A 1000 ADA in 2021. ??? Are you nuts ?
ADA will be +/-1USD in 2021.
I dont call a 1.000 USD a friendly bet, lol…
I keep on my 10 ADA.
It is just for fun here .,. no other reason…

First, it would be in 2020, not 2021.

Second, it would be due immediately mainnet comes online, so that would have little or no effect on price. If you are really saying the price would be that high in those circumstances, I don’t believe you’re serious. Your expections regarding technical progress and price are wildly conflicting.

Third, a boost in price boosts your bag just as much as the value of the bet, as a proportion that remains the same.

Fourth, looks to me like you’re crapping out… :rofl:


Thanks for info.

Isn’t it the role of a smart contract to register this bet and its conditions and assure the payment in the good way ?

Not before they’re available… :rofl:

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Let’s bet 10 ADA on when we will be able to record this bet with a smart contract !

If you really want to do that you should start a new topic in Random.

A bet? In that case, I volunteer for a free escrow service. @Christ46 @RobJF

If I trust Goguen roadmap, I still have 3 monthes to learn Plutus before being able to place this bet !
Let’s play the game ! if @RobJF agrees with the bet, let’s @adatainment do the escrow service :wink:
I bet 10 ADA that we will be able to place a smartcontract before the 30/06/2020 :wink:

Why would I do that? I was arguing that dev would be earlier, not later.

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