Staking later

Stake staking. Can I choose to stake 6 months from now? Whenever I want - once it is not being “ tested”?

Or must I stake now or forever lose the ability to stake if I buy a bunch later on

You don’t have to do it now, waiting until it’s on the mainnet (or anytime after that) is absolutely fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

Awesome. I’m waiting till it hits about 30 and I’m rebuying.

This time I should get over 480,000. Had less units before.

If it drops just to 29 I’ll be over 500,000.


And if not you can always rebuy less ADA for your money… It’s always up to you to take decisions.

I’m sure it will drop lower than .030.

Dont stake it will dump

If it does dump lower or not, staking will affect it in no way I believe

Once ADA goes to mainnet, you may have to pay fees in order to stake. A lot of these staking services are free right now, because it is a testnet, and also to get people hooked in. But then again, I could be totally wrong. Google that sht.