How to report fraud. This is the most convenient way for you

This is the most convenient way for you. Enter this link. Then follow the steps.


And what happens after that? What the Cardano Fraud Detection Bureau is going to do?
I reported a youtube video channel connected to a website scam and I’m wondering…

The channel or website will be closed so that others are not defrauded again. However, the money cannot be fully refunded. Sorry

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Thanks for answering abokandeel.
What means “fully” when you say “fully refounded”? Is any money being refunded?

I mean, you can never get your money back. Because the blockchain is based mainly on decentralization and not knowing the identity of others. You should know that there are no giveaways in the crypto world. be careful.

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I have participated in some giveaways before. I think you mean that there is no giveaways in Cardano. But there was in some other coins. The strenght of the scammers attack was that IMO. But yes, I paid expensive price bc of my ingenuity and greed.

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You’re right, it happens on other projects but usually it’s before the token is launched and exchanged on the market.