How to send from Uphold to Yoroi

Hi, I’m still quite new to most relevant processes and thus am having some difficulty in figuring out how to send my ADA from Uphold to a Yoroi wallet so that I may secure my assets with a Ledger Nano X.

That page got me so far and implies such a process is possible.

That official how-to video depicts the process but there is no Cardano selection in the Crypto Network list as cited in the video, which has me stuck. I’ve attempted their support chat the last two days but keep getting told no one is online to help.

I sincerely appreciate everyone’s time and hope you’re all in good health :slight_smile:

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Do u have ADA in ur uphold account? Or other coin?

U must have cardano app installed in ur ledger and send from uphold to the ledger ada address.

!!! First time try with a small amount, just in case something will not work!!!


I have a Yoroi wallet and the wallet address, I have the Ledger device, I have the Uphold account and the ADA. What I don’t have is the proper input for “Crypto Network” per the instructions provided by Uphold to send it.

The video in my initial post shows I need to select a “Crypto Network,” screencap included of the selections at the top of the list, but I don’t know which to choose as none of them says Cardano. And I’m very specifically confused by what you’re saying as it seems incongruous to what I’m seeing. Installing Cardano to Ledger still requires Yoroi or AdaLite, per the instructions here.

But you’re saying a Ledger address, which confuses me. I’m trying hard here but I’m super lost.


What I wanted to say it’s that u need to connect your ledger to yoroi or daedalus wallet but u already did, sorry for the misunderstanding

now, I suppose u have an ada wallet on uphold right?
For the moment uphold doesn’t support cardano network so u have 2 options:

  1. Wait till uphold will support cardano network
  2. Convert ur ADA in another coin for ex ethereum and send to another exchange which support ada… from there convert eth to ada and send ur ada to yoroi/ledger

For more info u can contact the uphold support team

If u are choosing option 2, first time u should test with a small amount, just in case!!!


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I appreciate your ideas and attention, Alex :slight_smile:

Finally having reached someone at Uphold, they confessed they’re not yet equipped for sending to outside wallets but claimed they will be sometime in Q2. So it appears I have to wait a while still before getting to stake :disappointed_relieved:

All the same, it will permit me time to lurk here and figure more out. HODL until MOON!


another ada holder in your sittuation


Turned ADA to Eth transferred to back to ADA then to Yoroi.

Sorry another edit.

When exchanging on crypto I had to exchange to USDC. Then buy ADA, this was done as a weekly reoccurring purchase so you have to go back and make sure you cancle the next transaction. Which was weird to find you have to click on the bottom middle logo.

Another problem besides not being able to transfer ADA on the Cardano network… I have is the 60day before you can transfer cryptos? I converted my ADA to litecoin, tried to transfer to another exchange before getting a msg that I had to wait 50 days then I ended up converting back to ADA and in the process was down over 200ADA which was insane considering the fees looked pretty low on the conversion to litecoin, seemed like most the fees were hit upon converting from Litecoin to ADA (Whereas not much from ADA to LTC). I I can only buy/sell or withdraw as fiat for now… I believe for another 30 days still!

Uphold is very upsetting to deal with if you didn’t read all the fine print. I would not recommend but I expect I will wait through Q2 to hopefully withdraw and stake by then.

Good luck.

Also, I use Bittrex now. :wink:

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