How to summarize Cardano benefits in one sentence?

Avid Cardano / ADA fan but sometimes find it difficult to explain all of the many benefits of Cardano to friends or other passionate cryptonites that set it apart from the competition. One comparison I saw, that I think makes sense, is that Cardano is essentially aiming to be THE development platform for companies or other blockchain ideas to build their product on. Similar to how Android runs the show from a software standpoint on a variety of different cell phone manufacture devices. I know there are many other features (POS, side chains / layering, Haskell, Governance, Wallet) but they are harder to relate to friends who don’t know much about crypto

So… in one sentence how would you summarize the benefits and uniqueness of Cardano?

If we focus on what Cardano wants to achieve ultimately, then try: “Cardano- the Financial Infrastructure for the World.” It will be one platform where you can bank, trade stocks, register your land, store your digital identity and many more. Everything digital you touch upon will live on this platform. It is truly and amazing concept and there is no one better in the space than Emurgo and IOHK + a dozen bright PhDs around the globe to make it happen. Cardano’s potential is simply mind-blowing!


I like the summary!!! Good way to put the many amazing things they are working on into one succinct statement.