How to transfer from yoroi to binance. Please help

Hi all,

Please advise on how can I transfer my ada in yoroi wallet to Binance?

I tried to click on deposit in binance but im not sure which one to click again.

Please advise thank you.

Hi. When you click in deposit you will get a receiving address. Open Yoroi and under rhe sending option, enter the receiving address from Binance. I always send a small test amount first to ensure everything is correct. Best of luck!

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Go to deposit - ada wallet/coin - cardano network


Copy the address from binance and paste in yoroi

First time try with 10 ADA for test!!!


I cannot send from Shelby? It has to be from Byron?

If you’re doing this transfer right now, know that Yoroi may not show it for a while. Some users are seeing sync issues in Yoroi (only). If you would like to confirm that your transfer was successful, since Yoroi is struggling to sync to show you your balance, you can place your receive address in to verify successful transfer.

You can, send 10 ADA for test… there is no issueif u send from shelley to byron or from byron to shelley