How to view allocated blocks

Hi all,

I originally used coin cashew tutorial to create my BP node,

I have CNCLI install as per the tutorial, Does anyone know the command used to show allocated blocks, allowing me to know if I can do maintenance or not.

This was the guide.


Here is is the install guide for cncli:

and the user guide:

./ sync and wait to see 100% 2-3 times
./ leaderlog

It will show u for epoch 269 only
If u will want to check for 270 try same commands bun not early than 1,5 days before 270 start

it is currently sending information to pooltool as i can see expected blocks… But how do i determine when it may actually happen to ensure everything is running right


the above CNCLI commands do not work, directory not found, obviously as i cannot find the executable

have you created this script from the guide?
Create script


I assume adapools is getting this from my cron job ?

So i believe it is running correctly but i dont know what log to check or how to produce the results when needed

good - so in that case if you call this script the result should be stored in this file:

and the content should be similar like this:

  "status": "ok",
  "epoch": 269,
  "assignedSlots": [
      "no": 1,
      "slot": 2,
      "slotInEpoch": 3,
      "at": "123456"
      "no": 2,
      "slot": 3,
      "slotInEpoch": 4,
      "at": "123456"

correct way to call this is cncli leaderlog ?

I can open the json file and see all the correct settings… But if i call it using the above command i get the following,

the info is missing how you executed the command
from the guide:
sudo bash ${NODE_HOME}/scripts/ current UTC

Yes it was done as above, although with UTC changed to Australia/Melbourne

something is wrong with the script itself since it tries to give ledgerlog.json file as the parameter of cncli…
will have a look on the script - I assume you just copy-pasted from the guide

correct, just copy and paste.

Well i am off to sleep, as it is 2.20am… I will check back tomorrow… Thanks for your help.

please run the script with bash -x ${NODE_HOME}/scripts/ current UTC
and provide the output…


interesting so why we dont get the error: The subcommand leaderlog.json was not recognized?

on my Ticker. MTL.

It shows im expecting 22 percent chance of a block… on ADApools…
but i was under the assumption we can tell when that chance will be.


yes, the leaderlog.json file tells you.
But back to the issue - why there is no error when you execute the script with -x flag?

im not sure why there is no error i follow CNCLI tutorial and this is what I get.

I will reinstall from scratch