Howdy from PA, where to now?

I’m a “full stack” developer, primarily focused in C#, however knowledgeable on front end languages as well. Just completed the Plutus tutorial on Clio.1 and curious where to go from there.


Welcome Shawn! Glad to hear you finished the Plutus Lesson and are looking for more. Since Plutus is brand spanking new, there really isn’t too much more content to consume. There are these 2 quick overview tutorials from IOHK:

And otherwise there are only examples from IOHK and myself of contracts:


Where in PA are you? I know someone was starting a meetup group in the Pittsburgh area.

I’m about an hour south of Pittsburgh… Work in the city though, so that sounds great!

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Cool check out this thread and DM CAlexanderFree to see what the status of the group is:


Hi @shawnsblog! Welcome to the Cardano Forum and the Cardano community :wave:

Looks like @bobert and @Donnybaseball have already got you acquainted with the information you need to get started :wink: