I bought $PAVIA from MuesliSwap and it is not showing in my gero wallet


I have bought 1k $PAVIA from MuesliSwap.
I cant see the tokens in my Gero Wallet and the ADA in the Gero Wallet is the same before the buy, but the 1k tokens appears in the Cardanosan.io

Are the tokens correctly bought?

Thanks for your help!

Check the adress (gero wallet) on pool.pm
Do u see the pavia NFT there?

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Already in the wallet, thanks for your help!!

You’re welcome :beers:

Although you have a solution, in the future if you have display issues, I would use cc vault. I just went thru a situation where Nami didn’t display Rave at all, Gero displayed some of my Rave and then cc vault showed everything. Will not go back.


I also use ccvault as my main wallet app at the moment. It really has all information in detail, also the ones for the technically inclined. It has an awful lot of options (interoperability with Nami by only using one address, multiple accounts, …).

But: Such synchronisation problems can happen to any wallet from time to time. ccvault also was offline for some hours yesterday night (European time). Offline is better than showing wrong information, though.