Problem on Muesliswap

  1. Hi, I made quite a few trades today and although a bit slow due to the network, most went thru. The the 2 trades I made for $Rave tokens though have not shown up. They are not in my Nami wallet and the ADA is not there either.I even have a screen shot of the trade being successful. Here are the transaction ID’s


Thank you for any help.

perhaps the contract/order wasn’t completed?
Did u checked?

What was the order?

It was trading Ada for $Rave.It seems like I am missing the amount of ADA I used for the trades. I did check but I am not very good at reading the info on Cardanoscan. Thanks

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You can also check the address on

Thank you.

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That is exactly how many tokens I traded for but are not in my wallet and the ADA is not there either. What am I missing something here? Thank you.

U should see under asset or something like that (not using Nami but the tokens are there)

As far as I can see, your transaction Transaction fc496c3d5f4134937bd3d68f7b439f9c15613f86b704a8d6ceefac3a5a29f49b - Cardanoscan was answered two minutes later with a transaction Transaction 24beaf91f5410abc78eedd8411a21b2d0ebf94167aebfb8fa0ef346e57f46a39 - Cardanoscan of RAVEs.

So, they are in your wallet. It’s just a display issue of Nami. You will see them in other wallet apps and probably after resetting Nami (as usual it is better to check if the seed words work in another wallet app, another browser, another browser profile).

Ok, thank you.

Thank you!

I re installed Nami on another browser with the same results. I then installed Gero wallet using Nami’s seed phrase. It shows part of my assets but it seems like it is not fully synced. I have tried re syncing with the same results. It shows assets that I have already sent and only some of my Rave tokens. Very strange

Indeed, it’s weird

I finally succeeded by using CC Vault. Am deleting Nami and Gero. Thank you