I can not send transaction from Daedalus anymore and rewards tab disappeared

My rewards tab has disappeared :disappeared :


AND I cannot send a transaction from any wallet:


Any ideas on what may be causing this. I am using version: 3.2.0 (as seen in photo)


check the destination address, to which wallet are u trying to send ADA?
U are using a HW wallet?

nope, it is a regular wallet to regular wallet transaction… I have tried transfer between a few different accounts… and there is also the issue of my staking / rewards tab disappearing… Weird…

Then, perhaps a synchronization issue; did u tried to restart your PC/Daedalus?


yea, I did all the normal stuff… reboot, restart, etc…The last thing I did before it stopped working was to send ada to a hardware wallet which did no show up until I restarted the wallet and then every transaction after that did not work… but the transaction to the hardware wallet did work…

I have tried plugin in and unplugging the hardware wallet also…