I got a message from binance(china) to withdraw all my crypto within 14 days...what are my options?

…is binanceUS a secure exchange? which would be the easiest thing to do as i have multiple crypto, not just ADA. BTW, has coinbase started holding ADA? i confess that i haven’t kept up with developments in ADA(save for price lol) as regards staking, wallets, etc. partly due to the fact that the details don’t seem to be fully worked out yet(correct me if i’m wrong).


Nope, coinbase didn’t started to support ADA…
Yes, u can use BinanceUS.
And u should stake your ADA for rewards!

Try to convert all you have in other crypto which has a low fee… and then send it all in one… or perhaps it’s better to do the math for each solution you have… and see what is better for u

do you know if there’s a fee for switching from binance china to binanceUS?

I have this usefull links but befor maybe it’s better to contact binance support to confirm

To facilitate the transfer operation for Binance users, transactions between two Binance users will be immediately credited, and no transaction fee will be charged.