Missing ADA transfer from Binance to BinanceUS

I transferred my ADA from Binance to BinanceUS. The funds left Binance and never arrived in BinanceUS. I have tickets into both sites and no response. It has been 5 weeks. Any ideas how I can get my money? I don’t know what to do?

Check the destination address (binance.us) on cardanodcan.io
It has funds?
Did u used cardano network when u withdrew?


Thanks. I withdrew from Binance. I don’t know if this is part of the Cardano network. I’m sorry but know very little about all of this stuff. I am a complete novice. The link cardanocan.io won’t open.

sorry, cardanoscan.io

Did u chose cardano network like bellow?


This is what I could find. I am still looking for one like what you sent me.

Looking at the fee for transaction I think u chose BEP or BEP20 to transfer

ok. Probably. What do I do now? I found this on cardanoscan

sorry. Meant This

Your ADA were sent from BINANCE.com to BINANCEus … now the problem is why are not visible on BINANCEUS…

Please note:

  • BEP20 represents a token standard on Binance Smart Chain.
  • BEP2 represents a token standard on Binance Chain.
  • Please ensure that you do not input an ERC20 address as a BEP20 withdrawal address.
  • Please do NOT deposit via cross-chain transfer from Binance Chain directly into the BSC deposit address. It will not be credited to your account.
  • Please make sure to select the intended network when trying to deposit and withdraw each asset.

I think u must wait for an aswer from BINANCE; You will receive the ADA back, but you will need to inform them

I have filed a ticket with both Binance & BinanceUS. Binance washed their hands of the entire matter. They said it was BinanceUS issue. Is there something else I must inform Binance US of? They have all the screenshots.

yes binance sent the funds out, transaction completed, now you must wait for binance us to answer.
anyway you will receive them back;


Thank you so much! Your help has been invaluable! I appreciate all of your help.

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Once they find the ADA - How does it work - Do I get the coins at the current market price or the transfer price?

you will get ADA if you sent 1000 for example you should receive 1000

Ok. But if it was 1,000 units at .50 at time of transfer and is now .75 I’d get it at $.50 correct?

why? you sent 1000 ADA you’ll receive 1000 ADA

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I sent my ADA tokens from Trust Wallet to Binance US but they have not arrived. I used BEP2 and bought BNB gas to send them.
Please can you help?

Please see here @beeby100 : How to safely withdraw your ada from exchanges

You have to contact the Trust wallet/Binance support in that case.



Toke wise yes but what happens to the price? For example do I get it at the transfer price or the current market price?

I really don’t understand ur question… u sent x ada u will receive same x ada