I have installed cardano-node for over 10 days

I have installed cardano-node for over 10 days
I can’t know what is error.
OS: ubuntu 20.04 server.
If anyone help me, I will be apricated


And what’s the issue?


I can only this page all over 10 days.
I can’t know what is issue.

Ok, it looks like the node is syncing (downloading the DB) … can take a while …

Use glive to have a better luck

So is “15 days” good state ?

15 days is much I believe; without glive is hard to see the process…
U can see the status of sync with the commnand

vmi438734:~$ cardano-cli query tip --mainnet
    "block": 8059242,
    "epoch": 377,
    "era": "Babbage",
    "hash": "935b8b9d80e1c14a2a73337128ac037af1d69714eed074b52149cee4ec850c55",
    "slot": 77828222,
    "syncProgress": "100.00"

This is preprod testnet. So I already did it.
But it says “Socket does not exist”.
This is why I posted this article.

There are 2 reasons:

  • the node doesn’t start and the socket file was not created
  • u must export the socket path (if the node started)
  1. I already have exported socket path.
    2.the socket db is created in the db folder.
    How can I check whether the node is started or not ?

you can download the latest DB from: Cardano Blockchain Snapshot

Sorry, but is this for preprod network ?
Or others ?

Sorry, but I am looking for testnet db.
If you let me know, I will be happy.

you can find the db for mainnet and also for testnet (ckeck on top-right corner menu)


Great. @lauris ,@Alexd. Thank you.
I will check all.

I have downloaded, but I can’t find node.socket file.
After I download the db, how do I have to do for syncronizing?

Why do u need the file? The socket file is there only when the node is started, and it will be removed (after few time) when the node stoped

If so, how can I set socket PATH ?
I have seen that it needs node.socket file in the PATH.
For example, ```
export CARDANO_NODE_SOCKET_PATH=“$HOME/cardano/testnet-db/node.socket”

But with the downloaded files, how can I do ?