I lost my spending password and phrase seed

I Was written 14 words :pensive:

:frowning: then, if u can’t find the 15th word anywhere… do not delete the wallet from yoroi… just try to remember the password… maybe it’s a name in combination with birthday… etc

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You helped me a lot, man. I try to think more


Can you recall if you did this for a reason? Perhaps the 15th word was easy for you to remember? Anything at all like that?

Otherwise yes you are probably stuck with needing to know the password to decrypt the wallet. If you do figure out the 15th word, i suggest writing it down somewhere you will be able to recall, if you have memory difficulties.

Good luck.

If there’s really only the last word missing, then one could write a script to try all 2048 possible 15th words and check the derived addresses for activity. (If one of the other 14 words were missing, it still might be practical to try the 30,720 combinations.)


Is this the full list of the allowed words used in seed phrases?

Hey! Sadly I’m this scenario. Today I noticed I lost one word of my Yoroi seed (I think its the 15th)… I have experience in coding, however I have never interacted with any sort of blockchains. Do u have some suggestions to start hacking my own seed phrase? Some reference links would be helpful… Thanks a lot!

you can find the BIP39 list here … cheers

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sorry to bother you again… does the order of words count when I will input them?

Yes, the order is important.


Here Am I screwed? - #50 by isferos someone wrote a script to bruteforce the 15th word. If you know coding you can probably adapt this to also try other words if it is not the 15th.

Edit: I just saw that the script is for the old 12 word seeds. Probably needs some more tweaking for the 15 word phrase.

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Thanks for the script! This day is getting weirder… with a stroke of luck I found the missing word by manually inserting on the last slot the words starting with ‘a’ :)… however my wallet is empty… I need some time to figure out why… I have for sure some MIN and few ADA

Then it was not your missing word. A lot of words lead to valid passphrases that all open different wallets.

A modified version of the script would give you all of them, so that you can try them.

Ok I guess you’re right. I’ll let you know! Cheers

You can still recover it sir

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I have reimplemented @isferos’ idea in Python 3 for a flexible length seed length (12, 15, 18, 21, or 24 words):

It is called with the words that you know as command line arguments and _ as placeholder for words you do not remember.

If the last word of a 15 word Yoroi seed phrase is missing, it will give you exactly 64 possibilities (the last word encodes 11 bits, of which 5 bits are checksum, so 6 bits are part of the entropy and 2^6=64). For missing words in other places, the order of magnitude is similar.

If two words are missing, we are in the range of 131 072 possibilities (exactly this value if one of the missing words is the last one containing the checksum). So, this becomes quite infeasible to check.


hello HeptaSean,

Can you explain me please, how can i use this code to find the missing word?


Do the more detailed instructions in

perhaps help?

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Mann! @HeptaSean
I just wanna THANK you for you help i really appreciate it!!!
After a few days and 133 different options to tray… I found the missing word!


Just in case, you stumble over this thread on search for a solution for missing words from a seed phrase:

I have written a far better usable script and presented it here:

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