I sent a 50 and the problem my all assets has been sent :(

Here is my transaction id : 44bb35859fce0b14bd8e5d8e87dfc0f7ca197e5edd645b415bd8d41fc486002e

Hey @Jeremias

its cool that you are here in our forum.
I think your post landed in the wrong section and you could get even more answers in the “normal” english part instead of the special developer section. I’ve moved it for you :wink:

Regarding to your “question”:
In the transaction-id you have provided i see that you have sent 500 Ada to someone else? So Transactions in the blockchain are irrevocable - if they are sent, they are gone. If you know the reciever you could ask him to send them back to you.

I hope i could help you with that answer. If you have any other problems you are free to ask, maybe it could also help if you provide more informations and give a clear questions - then even more people can help you.