Sent Cardano to a non-ADA address, am I screwed?

TXid: fc8b50b82100bfe4d2df9ae283d04ff3d83f69ec3bfcf2bce6da59423896bdce
Address (the wrong info): 41e7f5e15681ea6ff46c676416cf5b40fb005b4c5f7c532fb7969163363e6069
Date: 2021/03/30 21:56:47
Quantity: 2,452.10882481

From where to where did u sent the ADA?


I sent from Bittrex

Meant to send from Bittrex to my Daedalus wallet - for the life of me I have no idea why I copied that number/letter combo

Contact bittrex and explain them what happened… perhaps they can refunds ur ADA

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Bittrex has been zero help - but I’m curious why I can put in that TX ID and its recognized as a valid wallet, how does that work?

But if u go on bitrex to transaction history … the transaction was processed?

It was, yes

What was the amount sent?
Sorry I saw now… the amount was sent here

addr1g8nltc2ks84xlarvvajpdn6mgrasqk6vta79xtahj6gkxd37vp5shsm708 … but this address doesn’t exist… from where did u copied the address?

Here’s the odd thing: I accidentally input a prior TX ID into the address, and it went through and then deposited to that address

Do you think I’m out of luck here?

I don’t know what to say, the exchange will tell u if they can recover

They’re refusing - I’ve filed a complaint with the Washington State Attorney General’s office. They’ll have to respond now.

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Just curious if there’s been any update by Cardano that might help someone in my situation.