I sent the ada token to wrong adress from dadalus

There were about 108000 stocks transferred from Bittrex to Ada’s wallet. there are a record of the process,i sent the token whenever I bought them on bittrex . I transfered ada wallet to bitrex ada wallet the address of $ 1,800,000. But instead of coming into an existing address, it won’t come in a week.
I have asked you to inquire about the companies concerned, but I don’t get your a clear answer. I’d like to ask you to solve this problem pls . Because I sent a remittance to the address I sent to you from the original one. I am responsible for the charge. If you have any information, please email me at patrick020129@naver.com It’s the most important money for me. Help me.
can you guys give them back my real bitrex ada wallet ! ? that’s my important money to go study abroad … pls help me pls/…