I want my employer to pay me in ADA

I’m new to all this crypto & blockchain stuff. My friend finally got my attention this week and I listened. And then I heard a message from Charles Hoskinson that I haven’t heard in a long time. It was a message of hope. I finally heard someone say there is hope for this world’s future.

The more I learn about what you guys are doing, it actually makes me very emotional. You guys are building our future, and you’re giving my kids, and someday my grandkids a future that I have been very pessimistic about lately. So thank you with all my heart.

Saying that, I’d like to approach my employer about paying me in ADA. Not because I think it’s value will skyrocket, but because I want this message and movement to be how the world works in the future.

“Do you really want to be a Billionaire in a dystopia, where at every given moment, if you say or do the wrong thing, all that is given can be taken.” - Charles Hoskinson


Hell, you even just made me feel good about editing a minor missing word in my post.


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You guys are the best!!!

It’s too soon for that.

Unless of course you are a software engineer, working at a centralized exchange, or working on a project within the blockchain ecosystem. The traditional financial sector, corporations, and governments of the world are just now starting to pay attention to what has been developing over that last decade or so.

It will likely be another decade before we see world-wide adoption in some form or another. It’s still far too early to tell what that might look like. Next will come the regulation (trying to stop it), then will come the CDBCs (trying to replace it), and finally a solution that works for everyone will rise from the ashes of all the failure, fear, control, and greed …

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Thank you for answering.

What can I do at a local level to help spread this message. It needs to be heard.

It’s inevitable and being accelerated in priority by the inflation and collapse of the traditional financial system. Not to be political or cast any blame but the pandemic really poured gasoline on the fire that has been raging for decades.

If we had a betting pool made with a Plutus smart contract I would put some ADA on 4th quarter of 2030 for employers universally offering cryptocurrency salaries. Things will be more established and consolidated by then and technology historically has exponential in growth.