I was scammed and lost 1065 ADA!

I was on the site Blocket.se (It’s like eBay in Sweden) and wanted to buy graphics card’s for my Mining Rig. I found one seller that was selling 5 Nvidia graphic cards. RTX 3070’s and RTX 3080’s. So I got in contact with him and said that I was interested. He replied that he had 4 left and I ended up buying two RTX 2080 and one RTX 3070. He gave me his full and and adress, so I checked the name on the Swedish yellow pages and it was correct. So after that he gave me his wallet adress and I sent him ADA. Haven’t heard from him today so I decided to send him and sms to the number I found on the Swedish yellow pages that was associated with the name he provided me. The person with that name replayed that he did not sell anything and I was probably victim to scamming! Then I went back to blocket.se and looked at the conversation that I had with the scammer and I’ve seen a little detail in the listing that he posted. blocket.se shared scammers location and I found the building where it came from. The interesting thing is that location is only 500 meters from the person he pretended to be.
Either he is stupid and forgot about the location sharing when posting a listing or he was so smart to use a targeted VPN location of choice so it is the near the person he pretended to be.
I know that my ADA is gone but is there any way to track this scammers wallet adress or txid number? Any advice would be very helpful.

Besim Memisevic

Sorry to hear this. These scams get so versatile…

Theoretically, you could track all transactions, just not sure if it’ll yield any results. Try with https://cardanoscan.io/ search by the transaction ID and follow the tokens.

Remember that the IN part is one or more UTXOs belonging to your address, but the OUT part will be the scammers address and your address where the remaining money was sent.

If you are not familiar with the UTXO model see here. Understanding this will make the investigation easier: Cardano stake pool tutorial | UTxO model - YouTube

I live in Sweden and I didn’t know there were people wantinng cryptocurrency. Luckily, I haven’t been scammed.