Idea for a Daedalus plugin open to the community

I was discussing an idea with Rulsan @vantuz-subhuman last year for a Daedalus plugin that users might find useful once the plugin capability is available. Ruslan and I both got busy at work ( and then Ruslan started working for Emurgo and I am not a dev) so we decided to just throw this idea out to the community for any one who wants to give it a shot. Maybe @adatainment or @bobert are already working on something like this or would know how to implement it.

The concept is a Daedalus plugin that allows users to view which smart contracts or dApps are available to the Cardano block chain, can be used with Daedalus, and provides a rating system for the dApp or smart contract. Here is the general idea…

  1. The plugin would show on the Daedalus interface when installed.
  2. The plugin would provide a user a list of the current smart contracts and dApps available for Cardano for users to access on Daedalus.
  3. The plugin will explain exactly what the smart contract does in plain English (or supported language).
  4. The plugin could categorize the smart contracts by type.
  5. The plugin would have a rating system for people who actually used the smart contract and rate it with stars like many other rating systems :star: , :star::star: , :star::star::star: , :star::star::star::star::star:
  6. The user rated results would be shown separately from “official” scores, so it would be visible when something is rated bad by companies, but rated good by users to detect fake voting.
  7. The plugin may optionally have a badge system for smart contracts and dApps that are:
    a. known good - green badge :green_heart:
    b. unknown - gray badge :gear:
    c. suspect scam (or excessive fees) - red badge :name_badge:
  8. The plugin can have its own dApp or web service where the plugin stores user ratings and averages them over time for display back on the Daedalus interface.
  9. The plugin can provide a web service (or use a dApp) that will allow external web sites to retrieve the user generated reviews, which will then be accessible by any centralized web server for review on a regular web browser without having to install the plugin.

We would likely end of having something like this on an “app store” in Daedalus anyway as there are so many talented devs out there.



This is a great idea Rick, however from what I understand this is what IOHK intends to create already inside of Daedalus as the default experience down the line. While diversity is good, building a plugin to compete with the IOHK native implementation seems overkill and not a great use of time, at least in the exact same wallet. I could see value in building some sort of website as an alternative once a standard is set for how all this meta data around these smart contracts/dApps is stored so anyone with a browser can explore and see what is in the ecosystem.


Thanks Robert,
I heard they are making an app store, but not did not know it had a rating system or an explanation system. What we were thinking is that if a dApp or smart contract is a scam, users could call it out, or rate it low. I suppose if there is a star rating system built in, that would suffice. I also started making a web page for it, but have not worked on it in a while … I will post user created smart contract and dApp reviews there when they become available.

Maybe there will other types of plugins that will provide user selected functionality.


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