Idea for pre-IdeaScale

Have a handful of interesting ideas to build on the Cardano ecosystem. Even have an illness I crafted called ‘idea-porosis’ ( ‘πώρωση’ > eng: zealotry)

But what about such an idea that I am willing to share? :slight_smile:

Idea-man is an individual, seeking to join efforts and built a team, and such team members should be smart-contracted-in (putting Cardano SC to actual use).

Team gets created, then we implement a proper plan to execute a submission on IdeaScale.

Anyone that has experience with Cardano development, IdealScale processes, so we can build such a project for cooperating/approach secured by such smart-contracts, so to build more projects using this same project approach so all members are secured with their participation?

How does “Cardano-Teams” sound for this initial project? :wink: