If my computer with Daedalus Wallet Crashed/Loss forever, can I still access my ADA?


I’m planning to delegate my ADA via Daedalus in my personal computer.If somehow my computer crashed/stolen/gone forever, can I still access that ADA from another computer?

Thank you!

As long as you have you seed phrase it’s ok.

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Guard your 24 word recovery phrase with your life, don’t only store one copy of it, you could for example store a .txt file on a USB Stick offline with only those words, if anybody ever found it chances are they would have no idea what it was for unless you do something stupid like title the filename my-cardano-wallet.txt :laughing: you could go a step further and encrypt/password this USB Stick, you could even put the .txt file inside a password protected .rar/zip if you want easy and simple security.

As I said before I would also recommend to store another copy of it, perhaps on a piece of paper somewhere hidden/very safe and secure in your house or perhaps buried in your garden in a waterproof box, again with no reference to what it is of course.

I’m sure people have even better ideas and solutions but I feel comfortable with these two. You do also have to consider the small possibility of disasters like a house fire destroying those possessions so you could leave a secure usb stick at a family members’ home or in a fireproof safe :slight_smile:

At this time I feel this is sufficient, in the future if Cardano becomes the global financial operating system we hope it will, people will be much more familiar with what 24 random words on a piece of paper could be, then you may want to consider some additional security measures. A really simple one could be swapping the first and the last word or two when you write it down, so long as you don’t forget that is :wink:

So long as you have these 24 words you can recover your wallet and set a new spending password if you have forgotten the old one.

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Great, really appreciate the answer, this clear my worry on moving my ADA from exchange to daedalus wallet. Thank you!

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